Mary Made
Brand Strategy

Mary Made

Brand Strategy
Student Project

Mary was my desk partner who sat across from me at my internship over the summer for 2019. Her warmth and kindness wis obvious to anyone who first meets her, but I wanted to know more about her outside of the working world. I learned that Mary strides to be approachable, doesn't want to be seen as a rule follower and is known to show off her ballet moves after a few gin and tonics.

My mind trying to find the key point in Mary's story


What food/beverage can I brand to be approachable, positive, quirky, strong and rested, but doesn't follow the rules?

Jam — Sparkling/Tonic Water — Tea — Sparkling Tea


I chose to brand sparkling/tonic water with Mary's personality and attributes because sparkling/tonic water is...

  • Bubbly
  • Flavorful
  • Can have lack of flavor yet still exciting
  • Bends the rules of water
  • A go-to drink when adding gin

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