Hot Drop
UI/UX Design

Hot Drop

UI/UX Design
Merchtable + Brand New Box

Hot Drop was thought up by Merchtable, a custom clothing store located in Lawrence, Kansas. They understand the importance of a good brand and a good name and know it can take them a long way.

Merchtable asked us to find a way to appeal to all groups of people who want the convenience of designing and customizing any sort of merchandise along with having the option to sell to others around the world or make it for just themselves.

The Team:

Designers: Jenna Spanswick, and Sophia Schippers as the digital designers.

Mentor: Matt Kirkland

Client: Burton Parker, Merchtable

Designer's Role

  • Research other competitors
  • User testing low and mid fidelity
  • Design interface and experience
  • Communicate with our client, Merchtable
  • Collaborate with each other
  • Present a slide deck to Merchtable
Site Map
Browsing for Drops to buy
User Profile
Creator's choosing how to display their creations
Full Prototype

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