Hot Drop: Case Study

UI/UX Design
Merchtable + Brand New Box

Hot Drop was thought up by Merchtable, a custom clothing store located in Lawrence, Kansas. They understand the importance of a good brand and a good name and know it can take them a long way.

Merchtable asked us to find a way to appeal to all groups of people who want the convenience of designing and customizing any sort of merchandise along with having the option to sell to others around the world or make it for just themselves.

The Goal

  • Allow the user to buy, sell and create
  • To create an intuitive journey for all age groups
  • Have an energetic yet comfortable interface and experience
  • Give the seller the opportunity to manage and visually see their drops and sales
  • Allow the users to focus on creating and not solely selling

The Challenge

  • Appeal to all age groups
  • Make this convenient, intuitive and energetic UI
  • Bridge the user journeys of creating, buying and selling
  • Making sure the users trust the app when it come to linking their bank account
  • Making this a platform that links with all other social medias

My Role

  • User testing low and mid fidelity
  • Buyer's user journey interface and experience
  • Creator's display interface, experience and icons
  • Communicating with our client, Merchtable
  • Collaborate with Sophia Schippers
  • Design our slide deck presentation to Merchtable and handing off our files to them

User Testing:

The idea of the Hot Drop is to make this appeal to everyone. Wine moms who want their "On Cloud Wine" shirts for their group, to college students who want to make a little extra cash. So we intentionally tested on users who are different ages, gender and education level.

Our thirteen users:

Gender –

  • Female: 7
  • Male: 6

Age –

  • 12–17: 2
  • 18–21: 2
  • 22–25: 7
  • 43–50: 1
  • 51–55: 1

Education –

  • Currently in High School: 2
  • Bachelor's Degree: 3
  • Currently in College: 5
  • Masters: 3

Phase 1 of User Testing – Low-Fi


  • Design and sell a shirt with Hot Drop
  • Describe to me how you would customize your design based on what is in front of you
  • You have created and shared your t-shirt, now you want to check on its progress
  • Profile Page: you noticed you have sold a few t-shirts, now you want to go by some


  • Users have trouble understanding display icons
  • User takes a while to bridge the creator's user journey and the buyer's user journey
  • Shipping instructions needed
  • Profile icons are hard to understand
  • Users are clicking icons for trial and error
  • Confused on the display of design
  • Flow was difficult to navigate

What we fixed for mid-fi:

  • Icons
  • Icon placement
  • Gave users more freedom to create their own style
  • Allowed users to customize their colors, background, shape, model
  • Made the platform exclusive with Venmo
  • Chose to move forward with a hamburger menu instead of a shopping button and create button

Phase 2 of User Testing – Mid-Fi


  • Create a t-shirt by uploading a design from your device
  • Make the design go on the front of the t-shirt 
  • Say what each icon represents on the creator's page
  • How do you price your drop?
  • How do you share your drop?
  • Find how well your sales are doing on your profile
  • What dose the graph mean to you?


  • Confused on instructions page
  • Too long of a display process
  • Colors and patters were overwhelming and confusing
  • Difficult to bridge the user journeys

What we fixed for high-fi:

  • Got rid of the colors, background, shapes options
  • Limited the customizable display from 4 options to 1
  • Made a consistent icon system
  • Focused on the "x" shape

Creator's Journey:

We gave the creator the option to upload their own design they may already have on their phone, or creating their own on the site is flexible and gives direct needs to the user. In order for the user to drop their merch, they need an account that is linked up with Venmo. It is linked with Venmo to create an easier, faster and more trust worthy way of buying and selling to others, along with adding another social media platform to advertise their merch.

  • Option to upload their own graphic
  • Option to create on site — color, text, shapes and erase
  • Has their own profile with all their drops
  • Link their Venmo to use to get paid & buy other drops
  • View their stats


Through our research and testing, we knew it would be engaging and helpful for the seller to keep track of their sales as a whole and how each individual drop is doing on the site. In spirit of the engaging brand, we created a visual on what the users will see when viewing their stat.

  • Create a visual for sellers on how well there total drops are doing
  • Allow users to look on specific drops insight
  • The insight keeps track of:
  • Their popular days and locations
  • View the sizes and color that are available
  • View how many total sold
  • Having the option to see the drops on a world view
  • Click to see how many were sold on the "x"

Buyers's Journey:

The buyer is able to get to any drop though a link that the seller gives them, or they see on social media. We used the most popular payment platform, today, to our advantage. Allowing anyone who is connected with Venmo to be able to check it out through a simple click from someone's payment.

  • Is directed to any user profile or drop through a link
  • Go to and browse through other drops

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